Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hugging Trees for Fun and Profit

SUNY ESF has won a $10 million state grant towards building a commercial cellulosic ethanol facility, up north in Lewis County. Another $10 million for the facility will be provided by Catalyst Renewables Corp., New Energy Capital Corp., and O’Brien & Gere.

Basically, these guys are going to make fuel from wood chips and try to sell it.

Awesome. Yet another example of renewable energy / environmental technology growth in CNY. The more stories we read like this, the more the momentum grows for the ‘Cuse becoming the Silicon Valley of environmental technologies. It could happen. And it would do a heck of a lot more for our community (and our country) than some other economic development schemes out there (cough, cough).

In other news, Some setbacks on the construction of the Center for Excellence on the site of the old Midtown Plaza. Seems the construction crews struck gold – black gold – and the state DEC has to come in and clean-up. That’s right, construction of a center for environmental and energy technology is being delayed by environmental contamination – caused by oil. Bummer. Building might not be completed until mid-2008 now…


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