Sunday, December 10, 2006

Catchin' Up

* The big story this week is the merger/downsizing/privatization situation affecting Crouse and University Hospitals, along with hospitals and care facilities across the Empire State. There are, of course, a variety of things going on here, many of which are only tangentially related to the purview of Salt(ed) City.

But as the region's big gun employer, job cuts at University could be devastating. And the timing is unfortunate, to say the least, what with the positive recent developments at the new Children's Hopsital, the Connective Corridor, and in Downtown. This is likely to turn into a big fat mess, and, while the leadership of both hospitals argues persuasively that parts of the state's decision should be fought, it's going to be a draining battle for the community...

* SU's really cool downtown outpost, The Warehouse, was recently named one of the "Best Projects of 2006" by New York Construction magazine. Deservedly so.

* Ribbon-cutting ceremony at the newly renovated Gray Brothers' building at the corner of Franklin and Walton Sts. in Armory Square. The building has some luxury lofts and is home to the hip Ohm Lounge, if that's your weekend pleasure (I prefer Suds or Mully's, but I'm just a regular bloke.). As doesn't think its necessary to post images of ANYTHING online (apparently, it's not "America's Most Colorful Website"), check out the Downtown Committee's page on the project.

*Short but tantalizing article in Thursday's P-S about a "Sustainable Design Assessment Team" made up of volunteer architects and urban planners, who are embarking on a two month study to create a sustainable development policy for Onondaga County. The newspaper is silent on whether this study is sanctioned or funded by any local government or economic development entity (you'd think that would be a key detail...). We'll have to wait for the report, but it could be quite useful...

Event Alert: Look for a Come-Back-To-Syracuse networking type of event at Dorsey's on December 28. Designed to catch the home-for-Christmas crowd, my guess. More details will be posted as they become available.

Rumor Alert: The Wilson Building is not the only action that's going to be happening on the 300 block of S. Salina St. Stay tuned for some more developments soon...Syracuse's Main Street is coming closer to reality...


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